Thursday, September 26, 2013

Day 4 - 26 Sept 2013 Measurement & Geometry

Problem 17
Draw polygons on Geoboard papers to find out how many times is it as large as the square. Rule of the game was, there must be at least 1 dot in the middle of the shape.

Do you think 12 is the answer?

Hints: 2 similar size Triangle can form a square! 

See how all of us were engaged in trying to find the answer.

We Never give up!

Finally after trying for countless times, Dr Yeap told us that actually Georg Alexander Pick came up with the theory that only one method / formula is applicable. And that is the formula -> A = P/2 +i - 1

So 12 is the correct answer! Yeah!

You can show your children the videos below to introduce them to Geometry and Geoboards.


Interesting Facts I have learnt today 
It is not convention to use words like "and" to separate numbers. Example, One hundred and one , it is accurately said as One hundred one. However, we are accustomed to our colonial language so we said as one hundred and one. 
Zoden Dienes's theory on "Play, Structured Learning and Practice". Practice do not always becomes perfect. If we practice everyday the wrong thing, eventually we are still wrong.

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