Friday, September 27, 2013

Day 5 - 27 Sept 2013 Museum Visit & Measurement

My group mates and I went to the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) to look for art pieces for our group work. There are 4 of us. We have enjoyed the trip to the museum as some of the art pieces were breath taking while some are too abstract and we do not know how to comprehend it.

There were a few art pieces which were very interesting. We shared our views on the Art pieces and was rewarded by the Museum volunteers for sharing.

Finally, we short-listed two Art piece which we feel it's link.

Initially, One of my group mate and myself is quite keen in choosing this as our Group Art piece to work with as we are able to relate to it more. We thought we could do sorting, grouping, counting and matching with this.

However, my another 2 group mates were able to relate to this picture more although I felt that some of the pictures inside this Art piece might
not be necessary suitable for children. But then, we still 
give this Art Piece a try after hearing what they plan to do with it.

Next, after we came back from the museum, we started with our series of problems again.

Problem 19
Question: How do we know that a triangle has 3 angles that makes up to 180 degree?

We tried various ways of folding to prove that the triangle has equal parts which can prove that the 3 angles are of equal degree. After which, we put the 3 angles in one line and they form a beautiful 180 degree in a straight line. 

The video below demonstrates how to do it and children can develop more understanding from the video as well. 

Small Flying Blue Butterfly from

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