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Day 6 - 28 Sept 2013 Multiplication

I loved the game "Salute" very much as it was both interesting and at the same time, testing your skills in Multiplication.

Game Instruction:
- 3 players will be involved in this activity.
- 2 person will be the players where they have to hold the number card on their forehead, without looking at it.
- The number card will face the player opposite her and the middle person.
- The middle person will multiply the two numbers on the cards and say out the product (answer).

Example: In this picture, Student Green holds a number card 3 and Student Red holds the number card 8.

The middle person, Student Black will say the product of 3 and 8, which is 24.

As soon as she speaks, the two players who are holding the card have to guess what is their own card by looking at the opposite player and listening to the product.

This activity tests and allows the children to be familiar with their the multiplication and division. This game brings thrill to the players and hence lower the stress of Rote - memorizing.

Start with smaller numbers or bigger, depending on the level on the three players.

My main take away for this whole EDU330 Elementary Mathematics is the CPA Approach.
Concrete - Providing concrete materials for learning.
Pictorial - Use pictorial and visual aids to help children to understand.
Abstract - When the child is ready for the next level, we can go to the next level; having abstract problem to stimulate their critical thinking skills

Thank you Dr Yeap for Stimulating my interest for maths and engaging us in all these meaningful activities!

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